When creativity dies

Hope so all of you are in good spirits.

I want to write more and more blogs and wordpress is my comfort zone on entire social site world.I want to contribute for wellness and growth of this world by writting what I know. I always consider myself a dummy in every thing and I donot consider myself a good blogger or writer.I donot know why a person like me how is creative and try my best to remain active and postive is losing all. my energies and my mind is not working thats why I am not writing blogs even I have idea of writing on 1 topic but when I have started to write I hardly write a single line.I even donot like to complain but I donot know why this is happening

Its like drowning and dying.

Prayers needed.



  1. Aww, just be yourself! My post are fairly short and usually don’t have pictures because I’m not that creative but, the support here on blog world is amazing! Sending prayers and a virtual hug your way! πŸ’•

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