Weight loss battle

Weight loss battle

Now how to win this battle

Our weight is actually a bank and calories are its cash now question arises that how to run this bank?

Answer is here

For weight loss three things are needed

50% diet 25% workout 25% rest(sleep) (some people make rule of 80% diet and 20% excercise)but i follow upper one

First i will discuss about most imp thing diet which rule we will follow

Calorie count

Weight gain and loss is actually deposit and withdraw of calories.every body needs about 2000 calories per day.if you take about 2000 calories a day then it will remain the same but when you will start taking about 1500 calories a day then 500 are less per day and then all about a week 3500 calories are out of this bank and you will loss about 1 pound in a week.

Now in what form you will take these calories?

Healthy eating

Absoutely a healthy balanced food will figure out this.proportion is here

20% fat 30% protien 50% carbs


In a week we need about 150 active minute mean about half hour in 5 day a week we must do workout its upto you do yoga pilates cardio aerobic which suites you


Our body is beautiful masterpiece of creator.Its our duty to safe and groom this masterpiece.

Always remember your body is only place you have to live.

weight loss is battle of hard work ,patience,consistency and determination.

Surely you will win this battle with your positive attitude and your guns and wepeons are hardwork and patience.never go through negtivity and pills

Diet is temporary but healthy living style is permanent.hope so its work for you.



  1. I’m really loving your content..!! But is there suggestions on uptake of any specific fruits or vegetables for weight loss..?!!? Can find a lot of em’ online..but just needed a reliable info..!! :))

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  2. I have to disagree. Leave your body be. Stop controlling it and it will find a balance. Please check out non-diet information which will bring freedom and peace. ‘Intuitive Eating’ and ‘Health at Every Size’. The science has been done and it is the opposite of what the huge diet industry will have you believe. Go back to traditional eating. Listen to your cravings and hunger cues. Trust me. I was trapped in the hell of diet culture on the treadmill to nowhere for 35 years. See me post 8 Ways to be Free of Diet Culture. It is a better way.

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      • Demonization of any foods will cause restriction which then leads eventually to binging and regret. Better to just eat what your body wants. Trust it to find it’s way. Make fresh seasonal food available as well as other foods. Your body know what it needs. Stop restricting. Be open and be childlike – remember when we just ate whatever whenever? A baby will eat as much or as little as it wants and needs without over thinking it.

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