Weight loss battle



Weight loss battle

Now how to win this battle

Our weight is actually a bank and calories are its cash now question arises that how to run this bank?

Answer is here

For weight loss three things are needed

50% diet 25% workout 25% rest(sleep) (some people make rule of 80% diet and 20% excercise)but i follow upper one

First i will discuss about most imp thing diet which rule we will follow

Calorie count

Weight gain and loss is actually deposit and withdraw of calories.every body needs about 2000 calories per day.if you take about 2000 calories a day then it will remain the same but when you will start taking about 1500 calories a day then 500 are less per day and then all about a week 3500 calories are out of this bank and you will loss about 1 pound in a week.

Now in what form you will take these calories?

Healthy eating

Absoutely a healthy balanced food will figure out this.proportion is here

20% fat 30% protien 50% carbs


In a week we need about 150 active minute mean about half hour in 5 day a week we must do workout its upto you do yoga pilates cardio aerobic which suites you


Our body is beautiful masterpiece of creator.Its our duty to safe and groom this masterpiece.

Always remember your body is only place you have to live.

weight loss is battle of hard work ,patience,consistency and determination.

Surely you will win this battle with your positive attitude and your guns and wepeons are hardwork and patience.never go through negtivity and pills

Diet is temporary but healthy living style is permanent.hope so its work for you.

Dual faces

people behaviour on social sites

I am really confused about this matter i really need your reviews to resolve it.

After invention of social sites almost everyone is using them.Now here people are divided into two catgories.

First those how are really disgusting in real life full of negtivity always doing leg pulling, backbitting ,jealous type but on social sites they are most wise ,postive,sensible,mature,kind and presenting themseleves as saint.

Others one are those who in reality are sensible but on social sites they are totally ridiculous,too much boasting

and annoying others with their posts.

Now question arises in my mind why they are so fake and what is their real face.

Is there are what they are showing themselves on social sites?

People are really showing their true nature and feelings on social sites?how can we understand their real nature?

Please write your views in comment section and help me to resolve this mystery.


Life’s lessons from rumi poetry

rumi’s poetry

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī also known as Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. Rumi’s influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions: Iranians, Tajiks, Turks, Greeks, Pashtuns, other Central Asian Muslims, and the Muslims of South Asia have greatly appreciated his spiritual legacy for the past seven centuries. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. Rumi has been described as the “most popular poet” and the “best selling poet” in the United States.

My first handshake with Rumi was 5 years ago when i had started reading book”40 rules of love” till this day Rumi is my constant.If i am sad i will read Rumi if i am happy even then i read Rumi.Now reason why i love him so much is that Rumi has transform me into a new person and i have learned these lessons from his poetry and here are these

Food for soul

Pains are blessings

Austism/self confidence

Tolerance and compassion


Being generous

Silence is beauty

Divine love


This is my very little effort to give tribute to my favourite mentor master of love peace and harmony.

Hope so you like it.peace☺

2017 review

2017 review

This year i have fullfilled my life utmost dream to be an engineer

And next i have started a blog although still its at inital phases and gradually it will grow up😊

And most important one atlast i have getrid of negtivity in my life i am becoming more positive and content person day by day and everyday postivity teaches me new thing

Actually postivity and negtivity both are light rays one is constructive other one destructive its upto you which one you select.

Obviously life is mixture of good and bad days.There are some bad days but who cares😎

Always keep in mind how good person you are people always treat you according to their own mentality.

So just relax and let karma do its magic

inshort a beautiful year.hope so coming years of my life as well as yours life are filled with health,happinness,peace and prosperty.


Power of postivity

being postive benefits

Wealth is important no

Status is important no

Beauty is important no

Fame is important no

Then what……..


After many ups and falls in my life finally what i decided is that secret of life is to cope your bad days as well as your good days by being postive.

Its pill to broken heart, stressed mind and dejected soul.

I was by nature a negative person(oh i donot destroy anyone☺) i mean whatever i do in my life i always think that it will go wrong if any thing is not going well i take it on my heart and then atlast i become a permanent miagrine patient and several health disorders then finally one day i said to my self let start an experiment i will remain postive for a month and never let any negative thought to come across mind whatever the problems are.seriously this one month was like i was living in heaven.I will sum up this blog by things i have experinced in this experiment and results are

  • Content
  • Trust on Allah
  • Fresh
  • Feel myself as light as cotton
  • How beautiful this life is and i am continously wasting it.
  • Strong
  • Belief on my self
  • Healthy(most important)health is wealth but wealth is not health.
  • Improve my decision making skills.
  • Value my belongings/things
  • More confident
  • Disciplined
  • Tension free

In the end i must say by being negative you are only wasting your energies and you cannot even do daily life chores.negtivity is like poision it will eat you like termiate.please understand that this life is not bed of roses its way difficult we human beings are created as best creation so its on us to how to live this life and best option is being postivity.Postivity will refain you day bay day into a gem person

Hope so its work for you.peace☺

Fitness test

fitness quiz result

These days i was thinking that i have nothing achieved in my fitness journey but these percentage has taken me back to my track and i am thinking that i have really achieved where i have put all my efforts.I am very happy that in a fitness quiz session i got 100% .thanks Allah that i have gotten 100% in any test☺☺.more power to me and to everyone working hard.

Ps once i have seen a video and there was a fact that by constant doing excercise for 1-2 years your decision making sense improves and now i really thinks that it is true i am becoming stronger day by day.

Travel guide

all about travel guideline

Whenever you feel low in life go for travelling as it brings back our energies.there are some beautiful pics which are presenting why its known to be key of success.

In my urdu language we have most fine writer Mustansar Hussain Tarar who has writen a number of his books on travel and describe even a stone in magnifcant way.

Here are some of my travel guides and tip for you which can make your trip thums up.

First research about place where you are going because then you will get know how about it so no one can make you fool and you will also know about their tradition and food

If there are some historical spots at your destination always read a little bit history about them as you will value importance of this place and may be you even donot need any translator


Always use google map it will save your a lot of time


Now its packing time

First make list of things but for your ease i am mentioning some important personal things

  • Toothpaste,mouthwash
  • toothbrush.
  • Soup/sanitizer
  • Facewash,moisterizer
  • Safetypins
  • Bandage,medicine(flu,temperature,eyedrops)
  • Tissue.
  • Cards(id,bank cards )
  • Passport visa
  • Mobile
  • Eatables like gums candies or dry fruits or dates as i am healthy eating person so my all time favourites are dates and almonds
  • Clothing

  • First check weather updates of that area and take clothes accordingly if it is cold there then
  • Cap
  • muffler
  • Socks
  • highneck
  • gloves
  • sweater

Long coat/jacket are essential

Other than are t shirts ,skirts ,long shirts ,hat pair of jeans.here is picture which show you how to mange your bag


Wear sneaker and joggers as they are most comfortable footwear


  • Handbag(one medium size is even better)
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch
  • Make up

Here is picture which summerize all packing

Now you have reached at your destination place safe and sound☺

Now here you have reached to your destination place always try to eat stomach friendly food and never over eat because if you have disturbed your stomach its vey hard for you to enjoy your tour and donot waste your money in extra shopping specially in starting days otherwise you will getshort of money .shop what you really need.Always keep your water bottle with you.(oh these are some serious notes)

End note

Enjoy each and everybit of time as there is no other moment so live in that moment.

Get up early in morning to watch sunrise as it is wonderful to see diffrent places at this moment.

be patient as there are up and downs during journey.

enjoy culture ,colours nature views,diversity, and food.

Hope so its work for you.peace